Our Mission


Rescuing Animals One Member at a Time

Rescue Club of America aims to promote the value of rescued animals and their importance to the family. Through education and awareness we strive to eliminate the illegal and unethical breeding of animals for profit by encouraging rescue and adoption. We look to make being a “rescue” a prestigious title.

After working with rescue groups and hearing “I want a dog with papers” from potential adopters that didn’t even really know what “papers” were for, we wanted to create something that would add value and prestige to a rescued pet and give them “papers”. The rescued pet now has their own club to belong to that is exclusive to rescues. This club has education for new and experienced owners, great discounts with veterinarians and other pet related business, an online store with member discounts and logo-ed merchandise to show that you are committed to your rescued pet.

Rescue Club of America is committed to the rescued pet and their adopters. We are also committed to the rescues that work tirelessly to help save animals on a daily basis by giving back financially to the rescue community. All of our employees are dedicated to rescue and give of their time as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+How long does it take to get my membership packet?
Memberships will be processed and mailed out within 5 business days.
+What if I want my membership donation to go to a rescue not currently signed up?
Have the rescue group fill out the form under the “Partner’s” tab and we will work to get them signed up.
+Why do I need a membership for all of my pets?
Each pet is an individual and the membership allows them to be registered as a rescued pet (just like every child gets their own birth certificate). Each pet will also receive a Rescue Certificate, custom ID tag and membership card. The rescues benefit as well with a donation from every membership going directly to rescue.
+Is Rescue Club of America just for Dogs?
NO! All rescued pets are welcomed! In fact our first member was a Blue and Gold Macaw.
+Does my membership expire?
No, each membership is for the lifetime of the pet signed up.
+I own a business and would like to offer a discount to your members, how do I sign up?
It is easy, just go to the “Partners” tab and fill out the form. Thank you for supporting rescue!